Thursday, 29 January 2015

Kyary's Top 13 Cute & Crazy Costumes~! ♡


Hello everyone~!(⌒∇⌒)ノ♪

Yesterday was Kyary's 22nd Birthday and to celebrate it, a lot of different people did different things~ For example, I did a video to show my dedication as a fan to her (Scroll to end of post to view), a lot of people made collages of Kyary and Asian Pop broadcasters SBS Pop Asia made a cool blog entry about their "13 of Kyary's Kookiest Costumes" (View here)~! I thought that was such a cool idea, I just had to make my own~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ So here it is, enjoy~! ♡


13. Cube Quilt Kyary~!

I first spotted Kyary in this outfit in her book "Kyary-Bon"~! I thought it was adorable, really made me appreciate cubes and other 3D shapes too~

12. Pink Ragdoll Kyary~!

I have a sticker of this I got in my collector box of her CDs and out of all the stickers, this was deffinitly my favourite~ It's just so cute~! Even cuter than blueberry Kyary~

11. Kyary's Self-Designed Budokan Print Patchwork Dress~!

This is an outfit that Kyary had actually drawn up herself so it holds a lot of meaning~ I just adore everything about this outfit because not everyone can make a concept so out there look so cute~! (Plus I always cry when she jumps out of the stage floor in this ww)

10. Kawaii Jester Kyary~!

Another crazily cute costume from Kyary's Budokan Live is this little number, it's Kyary as a cute jester~! I find Jesters to be like clowns, slightly scary as fuck, so Kyary is a breathe of fresh air and redemption to Jesters in this~! Plus it kind of reminds me of a really cute Halloween skin idea for Shaco on League of Legends~ ♡

9. Grape Fanta Kyary~!

I think this was back in 2012, Kyary was at an event to promote grape fanta and she played a giant game of air hockey in this outfit with a famous Sumo wrestler~

She looks so cute and tiny in comparrison to everything~! It's so lovely~

8. Tsukema Tsukeru~!

In her second music video she released,  she donned this amazingly thought out and put together costume consisting of a giant bow, eyelash boobies, a chip packet skirt and (in the MV) ballet shoes~! It sounds crazy, but when Kyary wears it she just makes it not the slightest bit crazy, only cute~

7. Nadnacollection Concert Kyary~!

Kyary wore this outfit for most (if not all) of her performances on her Nandacollection World Tour and I think it's safe to say that Kyary makes fur (assuming it's faux) look wow~! It looks like she's slain an evil kawaii monster and is wearing it's fur, but yet again as crazy as that sounds, she makes it cute~

6. Unicorn Kyary~!

Now what's cuter than Kyary dressed as a unicorn and dressed in them~? This photo needs no explanation~ It's just adorable~!

5. Furry Monster to Froggy Kyary~!


If there's not enough things Kyary is good at, here's one to appreciate, her ability to transform from anything into something cute~! She started off as a creature made of fluffy fur, and then..

She transformed into this cute yellow froggy like costume~! I love it~!


4. Kawaii Anime Barbie Kyary~!

Well let's look at this logically.. She's wearing pink, has anime eyes, is wearing a skirt with anime figures on it and has a fucking pink convertible on her head~ YOUR ARGUMENT IS INVALID~! Kyary wins again in this yet again crazily cute ensemble~ ♡

3. Kawaii Plastic Bags Kyary~


Only Kyary can make rubbish bags looks adorable~! Makes me wanna recycle~ She's even wearing Doc Martens~!

2. Porn Star Kyary~!

When I got my copy of LE Furisodeshon, I was flipping through the photo album booklet and saw this and had to double take~! Crazy cute and maybe a wee bit sexy, Kyary is portraying a porn star who's career is going in a very crazy direction~ Only Kyary can pull this off and get awei with it~!

1. "Why's she so tall in that kimono?!" Kyary~!

Again, we must appreciate Kyary's ability to transform~! ♡
So just why is she so tall in that kimono..

Who would've even guessed, that is just so creative and crazy and yet again cute as fuck~! Even the man's outfit is adorable, I think the crown for "the only man to pull off spandex" goes to him~

To make this transformation better and why it takes out 1st place is te fact that not only was there a man under that kimono, but there was the craziest and cutest outfit I've ever seen Kyary in~! SHE HAS THE MOTTAINIGHTLAND KAWAII POOP AS A SKIRT ON~! It's just perfect, i can't even use words to explain how cute I find this~

Here's a shot of Kyary and her friend before she became tall~!

And a shot of everyone after the performance~ 
Everyone looking as crazily cute as each other~! (≧∇≦)


So that was my countdown of my personal favourite/top 13 of Kyary's crazy cute outfits~ Also seeing as it was her Birthday yesterday (and because I said so at the start of this post) here's the video I made for her:



I hope you enjoyed this post~
And if you watched the video too I hope you also enjoyed that~!
What are your favourite crazy and/or cute outfits that Kyary has worn~?
Thank you for reading and watching, see you next time~(^O^☆♪