Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Long Time No See! (Post) \(●~▽~●)

Hello everyone! 
It's been 2 years since I last posted and I've honestly missed it so much. Why haven't I been posting you ask? Because I've been busy.. And a little bit lazy. 
So, I'm going to post today about what's been keeping me the last couple years.

So my last post was about Kyary's awesome outfits and costumes. Shortly after this post, I became less involved in Harajuku fashion and more involved in my cosplay - my League of Legends cosplay to be exact!

In particular, my whole year was taken over by my adoration and commitment to cosplay every single skin/costume of Katarina the Sinister Blade. I worked all year on her costumes, I did photo shoots for all of them, 

Default/ New Dawn Katarina, 


Mercenary Katarina,

Red Card Katarina,

 Sandstorm Katarina,

Kitty Cat Katarina, 

Bilgewater Katarina (Featuring Jason Mamoa (Khal Drogo, Aquaman) because even though I have amazing shots of this cosplay, I love this photo most),

High Command Katarina, 

Slay Belle Katarina,

and Warring Kingdoms Katarina!

 I also did a Battle Bunny Katarina!

I even DJ'd at Neko Nation as Katarina in not only Melbourne, but also Sydney,

I entered a competition run by Riot (League creators) as Katarina and won a trip to Sydney to be Katarina at their official event, 

I even got a Katarina related tattoo!

It's safe to say, my 2015 had a theme. But I didn't just cosplay her, I also cosplayed Firecracker Jinx, 

Gothic Orianna,

Nurse Akali,

and a non-League of Legends cosplay, Meme-chan from the ME!ME!ME! music video.

That was my 2015, my 2016 was totally different. I steered away from the LoL cosplays and returned to my anime loving cosplays. 
Some of which I shot were Hana from ME!ME!ME!, 

Saeko Busujima from Highschool of the Dead, 

and Madoka from Madoka Magica.

Shortly after the last photo shoot, I returned to Tokyo! It was just as amazing the second time, if not more. I got to see more species of Penguins,Magelanic and African, 

I finally got to go to my favourite Harajuku fashion brand's store (milklim),

And it was so magical there, the staff working their were so nice and even took photos of my coord and shibe tattoos to post online on the official milklim accounts.

I actually got to see Mt Fuji this time, and not just cloud.

All while wearing this cute ensemble!

I also got to see some beautiful cherry blossoms~~

When I came back to Australia, I started at a Japanese Language school! I've always wanted to learn the language properly so I'm super glad that I finally got onto it. (And I'm still there too yay!)

I didn't cosplay much when I got back from Japan, but when I went to see Jack Gleeson (Joffrey) and Travis Fimmel (Ragnar Lothbrok), I threw a couple costumes together:

Daenerys with Joffrey at Supanova Melbourne,

Babydoll and Ragnar at Supanova Sydney. (Yes I drove all the way there just to meet him!)

 In June of that year, I got to see my darling idol Kyary Pamyu Pamyu in concert for the third time~ But this time, in Melbourne! (Home!)

And I got to meet her, again! (With Pamyu again too!)

I made the Ninjari Bang Bang dress for the occasion too.

Shortly after Kyary, I went and saw the amazing Melanie Martinez! 

She was amazing.

Another cosplay I threw together last year was a Suicide Squad Harley Quinn! I bleached my hair the night before the shoot.. You know what they say about the crazy ones.

And lastly but certainly not least, I got to do a photo shoot with the super talented Neil Creek! We shot my handmade (and hand sewn) Elizabeth Comstock cosplay from Bioshock Infinite. It was a truly amazing experience..

So that's where I've been and what I've been up to for the last 2 years! Just some fun, busy stuff that I enjoyed a lot. I'll probably end up doing separate blog posts about some of the things from these past years in more detail, but for now, I hope you enjoyed reading about my adventures!

Photo of my kitten (Garfield) for added cuteness.
Soon, I'll post some reviews on some websites where I get some of my cutest stuff from! So look forward to that because it'll be full of info and totally honest so you can decide whether you wanna shop these stores too.

Thank you for reading,
until next time, take care! 

See more photos of my cosplays on my facebook page and Deviant Art~
Photo credits:

All anime photos are taken by MFM Photography, as well as Firecracker Jinx.

New Dawn & Slay Belle Katarina (with edits by Raquel Sparrow) photos by SnaphappyIan.

Mercenary, Kitty Cat, Sandstorm, and Battle Bunny Katarina, and Gothic Orianna photos are by Some Randoms Photography.

Nurse Akali and Red Card Katarina photos are by Jasmin Nora Cosplay.

Harley Quinn photo is by Tim Souter Photography.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Kyary's Top 13 Cute & Crazy Costumes~! ♡


Hello everyone~!(⌒∇⌒)ノ♪

Yesterday was Kyary's 22nd Birthday and to celebrate it, a lot of different people did different things~ For example, I did a video to show my dedication as a fan to her (Scroll to end of post to view), a lot of people made collages of Kyary and Asian Pop broadcasters SBS Pop Asia made a cool blog entry about their "13 of Kyary's Kookiest Costumes" (View here)~! I thought that was such a cool idea, I just had to make my own~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ So here it is, enjoy~! ♡


13. Cube Quilt Kyary~!

I first spotted Kyary in this outfit in her book "Kyary-Bon"~! I thought it was adorable, really made me appreciate cubes and other 3D shapes too~

12. Pink Ragdoll Kyary~!

I have a sticker of this I got in my collector box of her CDs and out of all the stickers, this was deffinitly my favourite~ It's just so cute~! Even cuter than blueberry Kyary~

11. Kyary's Self-Designed Budokan Print Patchwork Dress~!

This is an outfit that Kyary had actually drawn up herself so it holds a lot of meaning~ I just adore everything about this outfit because not everyone can make a concept so out there look so cute~! (Plus I always cry when she jumps out of the stage floor in this ww)

10. Kawaii Jester Kyary~!

Another crazily cute costume from Kyary's Budokan Live is this little number, it's Kyary as a cute jester~! I find Jesters to be like clowns, slightly scary as fuck, so Kyary is a breathe of fresh air and redemption to Jesters in this~! Plus it kind of reminds me of a really cute Halloween skin idea for Shaco on League of Legends~ ♡

9. Grape Fanta Kyary~!

I think this was back in 2012, Kyary was at an event to promote grape fanta and she played a giant game of air hockey in this outfit with a famous Sumo wrestler~

She looks so cute and tiny in comparrison to everything~! It's so lovely~

8. Tsukema Tsukeru~!

In her second music video she released,  she donned this amazingly thought out and put together costume consisting of a giant bow, eyelash boobies, a chip packet skirt and (in the MV) ballet shoes~! It sounds crazy, but when Kyary wears it she just makes it not the slightest bit crazy, only cute~

7. Nadnacollection Concert Kyary~!

Kyary wore this outfit for most (if not all) of her performances on her Nandacollection World Tour and I think it's safe to say that Kyary makes fur (assuming it's faux) look wow~! It looks like she's slain an evil kawaii monster and is wearing it's fur, but yet again as crazy as that sounds, she makes it cute~

6. Unicorn Kyary~!

Now what's cuter than Kyary dressed as a unicorn and dressed in them~? This photo needs no explanation~ It's just adorable~!

5. Furry Monster to Froggy Kyary~!


If there's not enough things Kyary is good at, here's one to appreciate, her ability to transform from anything into something cute~! She started off as a creature made of fluffy fur, and then..

She transformed into this cute yellow froggy like costume~! I love it~!


4. Kawaii Anime Barbie Kyary~!

Well let's look at this logically.. She's wearing pink, has anime eyes, is wearing a skirt with anime figures on it and has a fucking pink convertible on her head~ YOUR ARGUMENT IS INVALID~! Kyary wins again in this yet again crazily cute ensemble~ ♡

3. Kawaii Plastic Bags Kyary~


Only Kyary can make rubbish bags looks adorable~! Makes me wanna recycle~ She's even wearing Doc Martens~!

2. Porn Star Kyary~!

When I got my copy of LE Furisodeshon, I was flipping through the photo album booklet and saw this and had to double take~! Crazy cute and maybe a wee bit sexy, Kyary is portraying a porn star who's career is going in a very crazy direction~ Only Kyary can pull this off and get awei with it~!

1. "Why's she so tall in that kimono?!" Kyary~!

Again, we must appreciate Kyary's ability to transform~! ♡
So just why is she so tall in that kimono..

Who would've even guessed, that is just so creative and crazy and yet again cute as fuck~! Even the man's outfit is adorable, I think the crown for "the only man to pull off spandex" goes to him~

To make this transformation better and why it takes out 1st place is te fact that not only was there a man under that kimono, but there was the craziest and cutest outfit I've ever seen Kyary in~! SHE HAS THE MOTTAINIGHTLAND KAWAII POOP AS A SKIRT ON~! It's just perfect, i can't even use words to explain how cute I find this~

Here's a shot of Kyary and her friend before she became tall~!

And a shot of everyone after the performance~ 
Everyone looking as crazily cute as each other~! (≧∇≦)


So that was my countdown of my personal favourite/top 13 of Kyary's crazy cute outfits~ Also seeing as it was her Birthday yesterday (and because I said so at the start of this post) here's the video I made for her:



I hope you enjoyed this post~
And if you watched the video too I hope you also enjoyed that~!
What are your favourite crazy and/or cute outfits that Kyary has worn~?
Thank you for reading and watching, see you next time~(^O^☆♪