Saturday, 12 January 2013

豆しぱみゅぱみゅ~ ♡

How cute are Mameshiba Pamyu Pamyu?! ^3^ I'll tell you! So cute, that they even got to become phone covers, phone charms/key chains and plugs! \(^O^)/ hehe~ ❤ 

The collaboration between the Japanese merchandise franchise company of Mameshiba and the Queen of cute Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has even resulted in some pretty cute phone accessories! So you can take more cuteness wherever you (and your phone) go! ^-^

~ ❤ ~

Unfortunately, the only models of phone I've seen the covers available for are the iPhone 4/4s and iPhone 5! T^T But! The headphone jack plugs are able to fit anything with a headphone slot; camera, phone, Nintendo DS - I've even tried shoving one in my computer's! >o< hehe! And the phone charms/keyring, can go anywhere you can hook/tie them!! ^O^

The key chains/phone charms are available on Strapya World Online! They're about $5 with either $5 or $10 shipping! There are 4 different styles, including 2 Pamyu ones, Punkrocker and Yunikon!

All very cute, of coarse! =^-^=

As for the plugs, there are only 3 different ones! A pink one, purple one and a red one! ^-^ 


There are two different kinds of phone covers, the hard cases and the silicone cases. There are about 6 hard cases, and two main silicone cases in pink and blue!

I haven't purchased a hard case yet, but I have purchased all of the plugs and silicone cases! And I can say, they are all top quality and well worth getting! n.n


To find the hard cases, go to Strapya World Online once again! They have most of the hard case there for about $20USD! Shipping can either be $5 or $10! I always go for $5, because it still ships to me in a week! They also have all 3 of the plugs! They're $4.90 and the same shipping as before! Strapya also do combined shipping too! They're so helpful and wonderful to deal with, I highly recommend them! on eBay, you'd pay about $40-$50 for these.. O_o


Although Strapya do also sell the pink silicon case, it is rather expensive! So I recommend eBay! Because they also have it in blue too! They're about $15 and free shipping! This is where I got mine, and they shipped to me in a week! But I live in Australia, you may not! So shipping times may vary~ ❤  


Here are so lovely photos of the lovely CandyBones and I with our Mameshiba Pamyu Pamyu silicone cases! ღ~o(^-^o)

  I hope you enjoyed this post! I look forward to seeing you next time! Have a nice day~

❤ ~Thank you for reading~ ❤ 


Say hello to Mameshiba Pamyu Pamyu! ❤  

This is the result of a collaboration between Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, and the cutest beans you will ever see, Mameshiba! n.n 

For those of you who aren't familiar with Mameshiba, it is a mix between a Bean (mame) and a type of dog! (shiba) They have the bodies of beans, and the ears and faces of dogs! They also love to tell random trivia! Although, I haven't met a Pamyu Pamyu Mameshiba yet who's told me any trivia! >O<

There are many other products that have been created by the collaborating, but the plush Mameshibas are by far my favourite!  

The Mameshiba Pamyu Pamyu products are available in Japan and online. I purchased mine online of coarse! 

There are many characters that have been created through the collaboration, such as Pamyu (The most famous one with the pink body and giant eyeball bow), Unicorn, Punk Rocker (The one who has an eye patch), Patchwork (The one who looks like a Zombie!) and Skeleton (With the blue body and brain visible)!

I purchased both of my Mameshiba Pamyu Pamyu online from eBay! They were top quality and the shipping was fantastic! The prices, however, are rather high. I purchased a Medium sized Pamyu plush and it was $75! 

My Small sized Mameshiba Unicorn was $35, but I have seen them for only $20!

They are super cute and super cuddley! You love them if you buy them! 

To find them on eBay, simply search "Mameshiba Kyary Pamyu Pamyu" and results will come up! If you want to try and find them cheap, turn the advanced search on and set listings to "lowest priced to highest priced" so that the cheaper ones appear first! I suggest buying from the seller called "Sugoi-Desho" because they are extremely helpful and speak both English and Japanese! ^3^ 

Here are some links to KPPxMameshiba commercials!  

(Mameshipamyuapmayu - Tsukema Tsukeru)

(Mamashipamyupamyu - Minna No Uta)

I hope you enjoyed this post! Next time, I'll post about KPP/Mameshiba phone accessories! (Plugs and cases) Thank you for reading! Come back soon. ❤ 

Friday, 11 January 2013

はじめまして~ ❤

Hello! Welcome to my blog. Nice to meet you! ^_^

❤   My name is Kaitlyn, but I prefer "Katey Smile!" :3 ❤  

❤  I'm an 18 year old, Australian "Super-Fan" of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu! ❤  


❤  This is my first blog! ❤ 

The theme of this blog will be all the cute things I can get my hands on! Whether it be clothes, plushies, wigs, jewelry, accessories or Kyary Pamyu Pamyu merchandise! ^_^ When I make a post, I will include photos, information on what it is I've posted, where I got it and why I love it; and you should too! I will also post on Kyary Pamyu Pamyu! Her music, videos, interviews, links and most importantly, her fashion! Here are some examples of what I'll post about:

Kyary Merchandise and where to find it! (Mainly online!)

Clothing that Kyary wears or clothing similar to what Kyary wears and where to find it!

Cosplays of Kyary that not only I do, but other people! (Hopefully!)

And just any random photos of Kyary that other people might enjoy! ^_^

❤  I hope you enjoy this blog, I'll try my best! o(^-^o) ❤