Sunday, 21 April 2013

My Fashion Monster Cosplay! (Progress) 👻




Hehe, hello everyone! Welcome to my Fashion Monster Cosplay progress post!


In this post, I will explain to you how I made the Cosplay, where I purchased the materials, wigs and everything I didn't make, and I will show some photos from both Armageddon and from when I filmed my dance cover in my Cosplay! ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

My Fashion Monster cosplay was rather.. spontaneous! I had decided to go as Tsukema Tsukeru to Armageddon on the 14th of October in 2012, but a week or two before that, the Fashion Monster music video was released and I fell in love! <3 _ <3 So, on the 7th of October, I decided that I'd make Fashion Monster instead! \(^O^)/


This cosplay wasn't too expensive.. fabric wise! The wig, petticoat and shoes however, were! But I didn't have any of those things when I cosplayed it for Armageddon! But I have ordered it or have them now so I will tell you all where to get them~


The cost of all this fabric was $80AUD from Spotlight!



I worked for a week straight trying to finish the cosplay! And I finished everything I could do!

I was really happy with the result! But now, I am determined to finish it! I've ordered the wig, I've now got the shoes and head piece! All that's left to do is order the petticoat and the necklace and make the guitar! Then it'll be 100% KPP COMPLETE! o(^O^o)

This is where it lives, next to my bed! ^_^


Armageddon Sunday 2012!

The day had arrived! Armageddon was upon us! Fashion Monster to the rescue! m(^w^)m


I encountered Daleks! EXTERMINATE.

We were not exterminated, James (The Doctor - My Doctor! <3) took us away in the Tardis!

But then Slenderman was outside the Tardis!! Bad Slendy! *^*

I then ran into my good friend Josh! He dressed as Batman and took a picture of and with me! 

(He was Edward Elric in my last post from Supernova 2013!)

PREDATOR! He's my favourite. c:

Oh my! Captain Jack Sparrow! *Swoons*

Trapped in a box by a cockney nut-job; have a cup of tea, have a cup of tea! I'm the Hitcher!

Me and kawaii Kymmie! ^3^ She does the best Pokemon cosplays, right? ^.^

Thank you so much to everyone who took photos of and with me and to those who let me take pictures of and with them! ~(^o^~)


Fashion Monster Dance Cover!

In November 2012, I decided to make a dance cover of Fashion monster, in my cosplay!

It was successful! I got lots of wonderful comments, even one from Kelsey "KimonoTime!" (((o(*O*)o))) She's my YouTube Dancing idol! I felt honored~

I am planning to redo it, when I have the completed cosplay! I feel as though I can dance better now than what I used to. I learnt all the steps with more accuracy. ^w^


Continuing the cosplay!

All that's left to do to complete my cosplay is to make the guitar! A week after I originally posted this, I tried on all of my Fashion Monster cosplay! Here's how it looked:

I don't know when I'll be wearing this one to a con, but hopefully I'll be having a photo shoot done of it soon so I will have better pictures!


Thank you so much for reading! Take care~ <3



Saturday, 13 April 2013

Furisodeshon at Supanova ! ★

Hello everyone! It's been a while.. o(^w^"o)

 Yesterday I attended Supernova 2013 in my home city, Melbourne! 

I cosplayed as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's "Furisodeshon!" ♡

I made the costume and prop myself. However, I purchased the shoes, gloves and socks!

It wasn't as difficult as it first looks. The triangles, as guessed, were the hardest part. But everything else was easy! I'll post a separate post on how I made the outfit. I might also do a YouTube video on it! Specifically about Furisodeshon! In total it all took me a week, but I did work on it for 5 days straight in February, then stopped, and started again 2 days before Supernova! >o<" In between those few months, I lost a lot of weight and the dress became too big for me! But it was too late to take it in~

I saw lots of my friends and met lots of new people, I had so much fun! I bought some new plushies, I took photos, I posed in photos and I killed my feet! You'll see how~ ( ; - ; )

Here are some photos! ♡

On Friday night, I had everything at my door! I was so excited, I barely slept! 

We got dressed and ready to leave in 1 hour! XD Ta-dah~

Ready to go! Se no!

When I got there, the first person I saw was my friend Baz! He is cosplaying Zack from DOA5! n.n His headpiece is made from 150 roses, which he did all himself! Sugoi desu ne!! *^*

Then, I bumped into Elise! She is so pretty, right? She is Espeon! ♡

 I decided to go and buy more plushies, so I turned around and there was Kat! ^o^ She's so cute! Do you see the photo-bomb though? D: It has begun.. O_o


As I was walking to a stall to buy more plushies, Paul found me! He took the most amazing photo of me! Then he posed with me for a picture!

After I got to the stall, I saw Matt! ^3^ He's Kyoyo Ootori from Ouran High! Isn't he charming? ♡

My feet started to really hurt, so I went to the windows to sit down, when suddenly Josh appeared! (((o(*w*)o))) He always takes photos with me at every con! Last time I saw him, he was BATMAN! :D Now he's Fullmetal Alchemist!

I went to find my friends, and I saw Raven from Teen Titans! I had to get a picture! She was my favourite Titan. :3

I found my friends! And then, Abby Sciuto found me! I love her! Isn't she cute! I want to take her and keep her for always! ^3^ hehe~ ♡


Then, some Mandalorians walked buy! We'll be bounty hunters together!

I then saw Skwizgaar Skwigelf from Deathkolk! OMG! He's so dreamy! *^*

I even got to have a picture with Jack Sparrow and his crew! Aye Aye! =^.^=

I walked around the hall a bit more, and saw Juliet from Lollipop Chainsaw! ♡ I can't play the game because I get head-spins, but I can dream! She's so gorgeous!


Oh gosh, then I died.. Slendermen got me.. T^T 


But BATMAN brought me back to life and fought off the Slendermen! MY HERO! <3 

This is how I felt by the end of the day! (^-^")


Thank you to everyone who took my photo and let me take theirs! ^.^

Until next time, ki wo tsukete~ ♡