Saturday, 13 April 2013

Furisodeshon at Supanova ! ★

Hello everyone! It's been a while.. o(^w^"o)

 Yesterday I attended Supernova 2013 in my home city, Melbourne! 

I cosplayed as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's "Furisodeshon!" ♡

I made the costume and prop myself. However, I purchased the shoes, gloves and socks!

It wasn't as difficult as it first looks. The triangles, as guessed, were the hardest part. But everything else was easy! I'll post a separate post on how I made the outfit. I might also do a YouTube video on it! Specifically about Furisodeshon! In total it all took me a week, but I did work on it for 5 days straight in February, then stopped, and started again 2 days before Supernova! >o<" In between those few months, I lost a lot of weight and the dress became too big for me! But it was too late to take it in~

I saw lots of my friends and met lots of new people, I had so much fun! I bought some new plushies, I took photos, I posed in photos and I killed my feet! You'll see how~ ( ; - ; )

Here are some photos! ♡

On Friday night, I had everything at my door! I was so excited, I barely slept! 

We got dressed and ready to leave in 1 hour! XD Ta-dah~

Ready to go! Se no!

When I got there, the first person I saw was my friend Baz! He is cosplaying Zack from DOA5! n.n His headpiece is made from 150 roses, which he did all himself! Sugoi desu ne!! *^*

Then, I bumped into Elise! She is so pretty, right? She is Espeon! ♡

 I decided to go and buy more plushies, so I turned around and there was Kat! ^o^ She's so cute! Do you see the photo-bomb though? D: It has begun.. O_o


As I was walking to a stall to buy more plushies, Paul found me! He took the most amazing photo of me! Then he posed with me for a picture!

After I got to the stall, I saw Matt! ^3^ He's Kyoyo Ootori from Ouran High! Isn't he charming? ♡

My feet started to really hurt, so I went to the windows to sit down, when suddenly Josh appeared! (((o(*w*)o))) He always takes photos with me at every con! Last time I saw him, he was BATMAN! :D Now he's Fullmetal Alchemist!

I went to find my friends, and I saw Raven from Teen Titans! I had to get a picture! She was my favourite Titan. :3

I found my friends! And then, Abby Sciuto found me! I love her! Isn't she cute! I want to take her and keep her for always! ^3^ hehe~ ♡


Then, some Mandalorians walked buy! We'll be bounty hunters together!

I then saw Skwizgaar Skwigelf from Deathkolk! OMG! He's so dreamy! *^*

I even got to have a picture with Jack Sparrow and his crew! Aye Aye! =^.^=

I walked around the hall a bit more, and saw Juliet from Lollipop Chainsaw! ♡ I can't play the game because I get head-spins, but I can dream! She's so gorgeous!


Oh gosh, then I died.. Slendermen got me.. T^T 


But BATMAN brought me back to life and fought off the Slendermen! MY HERO! <3 

This is how I felt by the end of the day! (^-^")


Thank you to everyone who took my photo and let me take theirs! ^.^

Until next time, ki wo tsukete~ ♡

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