Saturday, 28 September 2013

Manifest 2013! (¬‿¬)


Manifest is my favourite convention, for many reasons.


Mostly because I like the stalls, I see more people I know, 
and last year I was lucky enough to have a photo taken of me there, 
that was seen by Kyary!

Manifest 2013 marks a 1 year of cosplaying for me! What a year.. 


I went all 3 days. Unlike last year, I wore a different cosplay each day.


On Friday, I wore my Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Tsukema Tsukeru cosplay! I made it all myself, including sewing the ribbons onto the shoes to make them look like ballet slippers!

Manifest is always quiet on Fridays, because people have school, tafe, uni, work and stuff! But I go on Fridays because that's when the FRUiTS Fashion competition is on! And I have entered again this year~
When I got there, my friends that I traveled in with had to go to the stall where they were volunteering, so I wandered around on my own.. for 5 minutes! I found some friends! ^v^ I Bumped into my friend Paul, who always takes the most amazing photos of me, and his friend Diane! 
While we were taking photos, Tim arrived!
And then Josh! Then the husband of my waifu, Matt!
We took lots of photos together and of each other~

And then Hannah and her friends! I ended up spending that day with Hannah and her friends, which I became friends with too! They're really lovely~ 

While I was walking around, I was like OMG because I thought I saw Dakota Toki! But it was actually a really adorable Sakura Kinomoto cosplayer! I didn't get her name but I saw her all three days and she even watched me at FRUiTS! (If you are her or know her, please help me contact her!)

I met a new friend named Hannah! (Different Hannah to the previously mentioned) She owns her own shop called Violent Kittens! She makes all of it and it's beautiful and cute and OMG I couldn't resist! *^* She's so sweet and cute, Pamyu had to get photos with her! 

We walked around and looked at the stalls and then had lunch. After that, it was time for FRUiTS!

I was so nervous.. But.. I WON!


I won the People's Choice Award! To win it, the judges asked the audience to put up their hands for their favourite participant. So many hands went up when they said my name, and I immediately burst into tears! Then, when they announced who won, I cried even more! (With happiness of coarse) It was so wonderful! I get all emotional thinking about it~ 

I also made a new friend named Georgia while I was there, she was dressed amazingly! She won Best Technical! Tim won Best Male again too. 
And my friend from last year named Ashley won Best Female! 

There was also another girl there who was dressed as a Dalek! But in a Gothic sort of style! It was fantastic!

My awesome new friends came to watch me at FRUiTS, and they voted for me too! So, I shared my pocky with them, because I won pocky but it's not vegan so.. I also won a $50 gift voucher to spend at Moe Mall, a Japanese lego block rabbit, a bracelet, a badge, Ramune, Tutti contacts (Which were blue. I already have blue eyes and I do'nt wear contacts anyway, so I sold them to my friend Chelsea!) and later in the weekend I got my Trophy! 


After the competition, I spent all my voucher in one at the Moe Mall stall!
I bought a Kyubey hat and 3 Madoka Magica lucky boxes! I got Homura and Sayaka in their magical girl outfits and Kyoka in her casual clothes~


Pamyu hates alpacasso. See, she's kicking one in the eye..
I also went to the Sugart stall and bought an alpaca with my new friend Yasmine! CJ and Tim named him for me, his name was Lemon.

On my way home, I saw that there were already some amazing photos from the day that had already been uploaded! 


I had to be up early the next morning again too so I fell asleep not long after I got home!  I managed to take a picture of what I bought that day~


On Saturday, I cosplayed Homura Akemi from Puella Magi Madoka Magica! 

This is my first cosplay that hasn't been Kyary! I didn't make it, but my other half made me the shield! ^v^


As soon as I walked in, I saw my friend Matt! Who was cosplaying GB Mami Tomoe! 

We took a lot of photos together! It was crazy because shortly after, a whole lot of my other friends showed up and we all took photos too!  

I was in the same spot for like, half an hour! I saw my friends Jocy, Katrina, Baz, Tim and more. I got lots of photos with people I didn't know too~

I even got to meet a sweet heart I met on Instagram named Emma! She's such a darling, she gave me a picture she drew of me!


My amazing friend Paul also got a few amazing photos of me~


 I saw so many Madoka Magica cosplayers! I loved the GB Homura, he's amazing!

Then, I went back into the traders hall and I saw BMO! I DIED OF CUTENESS OVERLOAD.
 I saw this amazing group of Kill Bill cosplayers! Kill Bill is my favourite movie, the first one. And these 3 are my favourite characters!

I went shopping again too.. Hehe. The day was almost over when my friend Nerdy finalyyyyy showed up! We always take selfies. And today, was no exception.

I also got to see my friend Geogria again!

After I saw Nerdy, I left. I was tired and my feet were sore. I wore stupid heels.

 On Sunday, I wore my Kyary Pamyu Pamyu CANDY CANDY cosplay again!
 I brought Pamyu along to the con again as well. She also loves to meet people~

When I walked in, I saw Cat straight away! So we took photos!


I hung out with Hannah and Annabelle all day today! Hannah and I bought matching Bon Bons, and she helped me find a Mikasa fan to match her Eren fan!

 I also bumped into my dear friend Holly! She looked amazing!!

 As I was walking out to get lunch, I saw Nadia! We took selfies~

We walked around as usual and bought stuff! And had lunch. Lunch was awesome! I had hot chips for the 3rd day in a row. #healthyveganlife

I saw my friend Paul again! *w* 
 Paul always takes really amazing photos of me!  


We talked about conventions in New Zealand and he showed me all the artworks he'd bought, later in the day he also showed me the stall where he bought it all from! While we spoke, Pamyu made friends with his plush!

While I was sitting down with Paul, Emily came up to me and presented me with my FRUiTS trophy!

I also saw my amazing friend Baz again! We always looks so fabulous~

I got to see Matt again also, Pamyu was very happy to see him! She loves Matt, sometimes I think she loves him more than she loves me.. OMG.

Then I finally saw Josh! He was so cool in his Digimon cosplay! 

As I was walking with Hannah and Annabelle, we saw Nerdy off in the distance. So we went and hung out around the entrance with her. 

I saw Julia and finally got a photo with her! I always see her progress on Facebook and I look up to her so I was really happy! 


While we were there, a man came up to us and recorded us dancing for his music video! I still can't find it online but when I do I'll update this post with a link to it~


Nerdy and I also had a little photo shoot with a pair of frightening Colossal Titans!
They took Pamyu!

I am so scared of them.. They're the new Slenderman for me!


I was happy because I got hugs from Rilakkuma~


I got to see Darren again! *^*


I also saw Catherine as Mikasa! *^* She looked amazing! I really wanna cosplay Mikasa~

It was getting late and everyone was leaving. But I hung around until 6 with Baz and Brittany! We took selfies. Silly selfies~


Manifest was awesome! Here's the slideshow/video I made about it:



I bought so much cute stuff again.. more cute stuff than ever before I think! I bought a lot of 6%dokidoki and Madoka Magica stuff too!

Thank you everyone who voted for me at FRUiTS, took my photo/recorded me, and said hello! 
Take care everyone~ ♡


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