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Kyary Pamyu Pamyu in Sydney, Australia~! ♡


Hello everyone~! 


On the 23rd of March, I lived the most amazing day of my life~ It was the day of Kyary's performance in Sydney~! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・✧*:・✧ It was so wonderful, so I thought I'd share the story of my experience~ ♡


It all started on Saturday the 22nd of March at 6am~! I had to get up really early so that I could drive with my mum from my home in Melbourne to Sydney~ We left at 7:30am~ I was drinking Fanta all day trying to stay awake with sure~!


We stopped a few times to have a look in some towns~! First we stopped at Glen Rowan, where Ned Kelly was shot in his last stand~! Pamyu got a photo from the car~



We got to Sydney at 5:30pm~! The roads were fucking terrible~ But the hotel was lovely~! It was under a kilometer awei from The Roundhouse, which is where Kyary was performing~ ♡

 I'd never been to Sydney before, so I was nervous as to how people there would look at me~ But no one seemed too bothered by it~! So I felt confident~ This is what I wore:

That night, we had Subway for dinner~! 

 Pamyu and I got extra pickles~! Pickles are the best~

The man working there told me that I looked like Sailor Moon~! It was cute~ I guess I can see where he was coming from~ Maybe~! 



 I found out on twitter on Saturday that Kyary was gonna be on Sunrise on Sunday at 10am, so I went to sleep pretty early so that I could get up early and get ready to go there early~ I got up at 6am again~! 


I was so excited to be going to Sunrise to see Kyary~ I kept crying because I was both happy and really nervous~ But I managed to get dressed and ready, and was there by 9am~! This was my outfit that I made specifically for the concert, but I wore it for Sunrise too~ (=゚ω゚)ノ I made the outfit that Kyary wore for her live perfmamce at Budokan in 2012 when she flew over the stage and crowd as a fairy~! 


I made it all myself, including the wings and bow~! It didn't take long~ Only 3 days~! It is my favourite Kyary costume / cosplay that I've made~! I love it~ ♡


 I didn't plan to go with anyone, so it was just me and Pamyu~ I was nervous so i held her tight~! But it turned out that I had nothing to worry about~! I made friends right away~! A girl named Natasha and a boy named Yass came up to me for photos, then we became friends and even met up later for the concert~ Later at the window I made even more friends~ Nick, Annalisa and Tamsin~! They were all lovely~ We all were pressed right up against the glass of the studios too so we were front row to Kyary~!

We waited at the glass for about 40 minutes, and then finally.. Kyary appeared~!!

Her and her dancers performed Fashion Monster 3 times~ We couldn't hear it very much, but we sang along~! During this time, a member Sunrise came out to the plaza and told us that the loudest, craziest and best dressed fans would win prizes~! So we all went crazy, singing, yelling, dancing and going all out for Kyary~! ♡

After the performance, everyone rushed for the doors because Kyary would be coming out of them later~ As I was walking to them with my new friends, the lady from Sunrise approached me and gave me a CD~ At first I was confused~! But I was then told I had one for being one of the loudest, craziest and best dressed fans~! I almost burst into tears~ Then I noticed that IT WAS SIGNED BY KYARY~! So it was even harder to hold back tears but I did it~! 

After I got the CD, lots of people wanted photos, including my friends~! I got photos with the other winner too~ Doesn't he look fantastic~!?

I also caught up with people who know me from Instagram, Cameron and Micheal~!

Yass photo bombed the photo of me and Cameron~!
Then, I waited with Yass and my friend who also came up (but by plane) from Melbourne, Sam, for Kyary~!


Me and my friend from Melbourne, Sam~ He's an admin of my KPPAUS page~!


 She came out probably half an hour after the performances finished~ Kyary was surrounded by fans and a few security guards from Channel 7 as well as her manager~ There were people everywhere at the door so I was at the back~ Kyary walked past me~ But then she stopped at the road, so I ran around the crowd and onto the road and that is when it happened~~~


I quickly held out Pamyu and a marker and asked her to sign her, please~! She looked me in the eyes the whole time, and after I asked her this she nodded to me and said yes~! My heart beat even faster~! She took Pamyu and the marker and held them, but then her manager said no~ ;; BUT I WAS STILL SO HAPPY~! I got to speak to her and she held my darling Mameshipamyupamyu~ ♡

After that, they got into a big van~ Then I felt like fainting because I was so overwhelmed with joy~ My friend Catherine came up to me and showed me a photo that she'd taken of me and Kyary talking~! I almost cried~ It felt like a dream~ I was still holding back tears~ But then when I called my mum to ask her to pick me up, I burst into tears when I was telling her what had happened~! 


On my wei back to the hotel, I tweeted the picture Catherine had taken of us to Kyary~ Then when i got back to the hotel I met up with my best friend Chelsea and Ben~! They stayed at the same hotel as me so we could go to the concert all together~ 

While I was with them getting ready to go, I noticed that I had quite a few notifications on twitter so I thought that I'd better check it~ Then, to my surprise, Kyary had retweeted the photo and replied to me~! Again~! I had to hold back tears again~

After a little celebration, it was time for us to go to the concert and wait in line for hours~!


6 hours to be exact~ We got to the venue at 1pm and doors were at 7pm~ We met up with Nick who I met that morning there too~


It was a long wait but it was eventful~! I was interviewed by Matt from SBSPopAsia about meeting Kyary~

Then we were videoed in line waiting~ And then again with a group of other Kyary cosplayers~ 

I also got to meet a few more people who I met through Instagram~! including my dear friend Jack (pockypolice/jean_got_the_booty) and the darling GurpleDino~  

While I was in line, I started getting a lot of notifications all of a sudden again~ This time, the Official Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (In English) had shared my tweet about winning the signed CD from Channel 7's Sunrise and being interviewed by SBSPopAsia~! 

This day just kept getting better and better~ ♡


As soon as the doors opened, I ran straight to the merch stand but noticed there was a Pamyurin bunny mascot that you could have photos with~! So I got a photo with it, bought merch, then went to the crowd in front of the stage~! 

We were so close~! Ben was already there waiting, as well as my friend Isaac~! Chelsea doesn't like crowds so unfortunately she couldn't stand with us~ ;; Isaac helped us to get 2 people away from the stage~! Thank you Isaac~

Isaac is flipping the bird~ 


We waited for an hour in the crowd before Kyary came on stage~! She came on to Nandacollection in her super cute and colourful outfit of fur~! She performed Invader Invader and Mi, then read a note to us that she'd written in English~! 

It was so cute listening to her speak English~ She ended her note by telling us that she was about to perform a song that she hadn't performed before~! It was Family Party~! The song for the new Crayon Shin Chan movie~! 

After that, she performed Ninjari Bang Bang, Kyary An and Furisodeshon

She then went off stage to change costumes~ A blue rabbit took to that stage at that time and danced around to RGB~!

When Kyary returned, she was wearing the pink dress that looks like a melting icecream~! It was great~ Pamyu Pamyu Revolution was playing too~! She then went on to sing Mottai Night Land, Sungoi Aura, Kura Kura,

 Super Happy Scooter, Yume no Hajima Ring Ring, 

Saigo no Icecream and Tsukema Tsukeru~!

Then it was time for another costume change~ While she was gone, a clip from Season 2 of TV John! played on the screen~! It was funny~ Like all of TV John! is~!

She returned to Kyary no March in a black dress which was really pretty~ She then sang Cherry Bon Bon (It is my favourite to watch the dancers dancing, the dance is kind of funny to me~!), 

PONPONPON (My favourite song) and then finally, FASHION MONSTER~!

It was obvious that there would be an encore, but it was a lot cuter than what I expected~! Kyary came out wearing small gray koala ears instead of her big pink rabbit ears~! And she points to them and says "I am a koala~!" And everyone screamed because of how adorable it was~! 

She performed CANDY CANDY and then lastly, Chanchakachanchan~ 

I started crying when she walked off stage~ It was such an amazing concert~! I hadn't been to a concert like it before because I usually only go to hardcore or metalcore gigs, but I can say it is in my top 3 of all the many shows I've been too~!

Before CANDY CANDY and Chanchakachanchan, Kyary had a photo taken of her and her dancers in front of the crowd~ I was too short to get in, but I reached just high enough for Pamyu to get in~!

Clearer photo~ Pamyu The Mameshiba is famous~! 


After the show, Isaac and Chelsea looked for the gems that I'd lost off my wings while I spoke to my boss man, Neko and his girl friend, Meow~!I was very grateful for their help with finding my gems~ My wings didn't get as fucked up as I thought they were going to~! But I did get my hair extension ripped out by someone~ But all was worth it for Kyary~!


I bought a lot of merchandise~ I only spent $80~! 


The next day I won another CD too, but this one was from SBSPopAsia for Kyaryfy-ing myself~! It will be coming in the mail~ 


The only negative about the weekend, was being away from my darling boy friend~!

Told him I'd include him in this, hehe~♡


Thank you to everyone I met and saw at the concert and throughout my day~! I would call it a perfect day not only because of Kyary but because of you too~  Thank you to Sunrise/Chanel 7 for the signed CD~ Thank you to SBSPopAsia for interviewing me and for the CD prize~ Thank you to the official Kyary Pamyu Pamyu page for sharing my tweet about winning the signed CD~

Thank you all, so very much~! ♡


I hope you all enjoyed reading about my experience at Kyary~! 
Be sure to check out my vlog for footage from the day~! (And me getting all teary) 

I'll be posting an entry all about my costume next, so keep an eye out~!

See you next time~! ♡ 


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